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Admissions Policy 2016/2017

Woodcocks’ Well is a Voluntary Aided School. The school governors are the admissions authority for the school (not the Local Education Authority or the Head teacher). Decisions about admission to the school are made by the School Governors. However, on behalf of all schools, applications for admission to reception classes for September 2017 are co-ordinated centrally by the Local Authority. All application forms which name this school in the list of parental preferences are presented to the Governors for their consideration in due course. It is also necessary for parents to complete the school’s own supplementary information form which contains questions pertaining to the school admission’s criteria. These can be obtained from the school and can be found on the Local Authority (LA) website as well as the school website http://www.woodcockswell-school.co.uk

Applications for admission to the school should therefore be made on the common application form which is issued by the Local Authority and also on the School’s own supplementary form between 1st September 2016 and 15th January 2017. Applications may also be made on-line by using both the common application form and the supplementary form obtainable from the school or the LA website. It is not normally possible to change the order of your preferences for schools after the closing date. Whether application is made on paper or electronically, both forms must be completed.

Parents are asked to note the timetable set out below. It is essential for parents to adhere to this in order to have their application considered.

All applications for admission to the school’s reception class in September 2016 must be received by the Local Authority no later than 15th January 2017.

Letters informing parents of the results of their application will be posted out to them by the local authority on 18th April 2017 and will be available online.

This policy pertains to children whose parents are applying for a place in the reception class, however, please see the paragraph at the end of this document for non-routine admissions.


All applications will be assessed equally, using the criteria below.

Admissions criteria

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children who ceased to be so because they were adopted, or immediately after being cared for, became subject to a child arrangements order (formerly residence order) or special guardianship order.
  • Children resident in the ecclesiastical parishes of Odd Rode.
  • Children who have a sibling in school who will still be attending school the following year.
  • Children of members of staff who have been employed In the school for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Children who are resident outside Odd Rode Parish but whose parents are faithful and regular worshippers in the parish.
  • Children who are resident outside Odd Rode Parish whose parents are faithful and regular worshippers at their parish church or some other place of Christian worship.
  • Children resident outside Odd Rode Parish; priority being decided on the basis of the distance from school to home measured by a straight line using an Ordinance Survey address point system which measures straight line distances in miles from address pint of the school to the address pint of the place of residence those living nearest being given the first priority.


The school complies fully with the Equality Act 2010 and the School Admissions Code 2012 in relation to the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils. Where the school is oversubscribed, all children are admitted in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria. Where a child is disabled the school will make reasonable adjustments and provide auxiliary aids or services where reasonable to ensure that no disabled child is placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to other pupils.

  1. Admission to the Reception Class takes place in September. Children whose fifth birthday occurs between 1st September and the last day of August will commence school in September. The Admission Limit (Published Admission Number) is 15 in the Reception Class

(b) Parents may defer their child’s admission to the Reception class until later in the same academic year. However, parents must reserve a child place for that school year (School Admissions Code Feb 2012 Para 2.16 (a))

(c) Admission to the Reception Classes may be phased to include part-time attendance. Parents can request that their child takes up the place part time until the child reaches compulsory school age.

(d) “Resident” refers to the child’s permanent home address – For applications made during the normal admission round this will be where your child lives on the date published for the receipt of supporting documentation. The Governors may seek proof of a child’s address. The address used on the school’s admission form must be the current one at the time of application. If the address changes subsequently, the parents should notify the school. Where the parents live at different addresses, the current-at-the-time-of-application, normal address of the child will be the one used. This will normally be the one where the child wakes up for the majority of Monday to Friday mornings. Parents may be asked to show evidence of the claim that is being made for the address, e.g. documentation of various sorts showing the child’s address as the one claimed. Where there is dispute about the correct address to use, the governors reserve the right to make enquiries of any relevant third parties. For children of UK Service personnel and other Crown Servants returning to the area proof of the posting is all that is required.

(e) “Sibling” means a brother or sister, or a step brother, step sister or other child normally resident at the same address, prior to the date of application and up to the date of admission.

(f) “Faithful and Regular worship” is to be understood as at least once a month for the previous six months.

(g) In the event of oversubscription for places each of the criteria will be applied in order of priority. In the event of the school being unable to accommodate all applicants from a particular category priority will be given to the applicants who live closest to the school measured by a straight line distance from the address point of the school to the address point of the home address, using Ordnance Survey address-point system

(h) Where there are extenuating circumstances for an application being received after the last date for applications, governors will consider as being on time up to the date set for receipt of the supporting documentation.

(i) Where there are more applications than places, the admissions criteria will be used. Parents can request their child is included in a waiting list by contacting the Local Authority or the school. The names on this waiting list will be in the order resulting from the application of the admissions criteria. This waiting list will operate until the end of the autumn term

(j) Where the governors are unable to offer a place because the school is oversubscribed, parents have the right to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel, set up under the School Standards and Framework Act, 1998, as amended by the Education Act, 2002. Parents should notify the clerk to the governors at the school within 20 days of receiving the letter refusing a place. Parents will have the opportunity to submit their case to the panel in writing and also to attend in order to present their case. Parents will normally receive 14 days’ notice of the place and time of the hearing. (Please see information below about appeals)

(k) Where the governing body discovers that a child has been awarded a place as the result of an intentionally misleading application from a parent (for example a false claim to residence in the catchment area or of involvement in a place of worship) which effectively denies a place to a child with a stronger claim, then the governing body is required to withdraw the offer of the place. The application will be considered afresh and a right of appeal offered if a place is refused.

Where there are siblings of a multiple birth wanting admission and there is only a single place left within the admission number, then the governing body will exercise as much flexibility as possible within the requirements of infant class sizes and may admit above 30 (Infant Class Size Legislation) if it is appropriate to do so.

At this school there is a Pre-School. Admission to the Pre-School does not guarantee a place at our school.

Non-routine admissions

It sometimes happens that a child needs to change school other than at the “normal” time; such admissions are known as non-routine admissions. For children who move schools outside of the normal admissions round the in-year application process applies.

Parents should contact the school to enquire about any spaces available in the appropriate year, and complete an application form and supplementary information form. If a place is available, the school will arrange for admission and inform the Local Authority. If there are more applications than places the children will be ranked in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. In both cases, parents who have been unsuccessful in securing a place will have the right to appeal.

Please note that you cannot re-apply for a place at a school within the same school year unless there has been relevant, significant and material change in the family circumstances.

  • This information is published by the Governors of Woodcocks’ Well Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School in accordance with the relevant sections of the School Standards and Framework Act (1998), as amended by the Education Act 2002.
  • Admissions criteria may be reviewed by the Governors and amended at any time according to new legislation and the changed circumstances of the school.

Please note the following information in case of appeal:

Offer of places

18 April 2017

Deadline for accepting/declining places

3 May 2017

Waiting lists prepared and vacancies re-allocated. Parents and carers offered places will be required to accept/decline the place offered within 10 school days

After 3 May 2017

Appeals Application Deadline

18 May 2017

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