Junior Council Meeting

On the morning of Wednesday 22nd November, four of our school ethos group visited Congleton Town Hall. During the morning the children met the Lord Mayor or Congleton and learnt a little more about what he does. Councillor Charles Booth (Lord Mayor of Congleton) spent some time explaining the types of things he is involved with as Lord Mayor to everyone present. The pupils also experienced being involved in council meetings too.

They also had the opportunity to present to other schools what they would do if they were chosen as Lord or Deputy Mayor for the day, which one of our children did. Isabella stood up in front of the other children and adults attending the workshop and shared the presentation she had worked very hard on with the group. She detailed all of the changes she would make to the town and what she would put in place to make it an even better place to live. 

Unfortunately Isabella was not voted into the post, however she was extremely brave to stand up in front of all those people and she had worked on her presentation in her own time.

Following the award for Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor for the day, the schools were split up and put into 4 groups – where they had to discuss what they would do with the “Old Boat” which is sat derelict on the River Dane in Congleton. All the children came up with some “wacky” ideas.



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