Head And Assistant Head For A Day!

As some of you may know, last week was Parliament Week and Anti-Bullying Week. 

During our residential in Condover, the year six children put themselves forward for the roles of Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher. They worked in small groups to create manifestos, detailing how they would make Woodcocks' Well an ever better place. The manifestos were excellent with lots of rest ideas. At the start of Parliament Week, the children in Oak and Maple were given the opportunity too look at the ideas of each pair and vote on who they thought would do the best job. The children with the most votes were Ava and Neaveh! 

On Thursday 16th November, Neaveh and Ava were invited to attend school dressed professionally ready for a day of hard work. Throughout the day the girls introduced assembly, observed a phonics lesson in Blossom and Acorns and a maths lesson in Olive Class. They also listened to some of our children read, taking the opportunity to ask them all about their favourite books and what they enjoy about reading. 

The girls afternoon was just as busy; attending a meeting with the school governors and also meeting with our school ethos group to discuss and create an anti-bullying charter for our school, which you can see below. 

Both Ava and Neaveh really stepped up to their roles and were fantastic leaders! Well done girls! 

Whole School Attendance


Class of the Term Attendance

Miss Booth


Church Total


Rose Queen Total