Smoke Busters

Date: 8th Jan 2018 @ 3:53pm

Well what a busy first day back we have had! It didn't take us long to get back in to the swing of things and it felt like we'd never been away. It was lovely to see everyone though and hear all about each other's Christmas's. 

This afternoon we had a visit from Congleton Fire Station. They visited us to tell us all about fire safety; some of the main dangers in a home and how to prevent these. We learnt how important a bedtime routine is, including: making sure our rooms are tidy so that nothing is left on the floor, turning off all electrical items and locking the front door and putting the key in the same place each night so everyone knows where it is. Keep a look out as we have been asked to check our bedtime routines at home. We've also been asked to check the routes we would take out of our house if there was a fire. 

It is also vital that we have working fire alarms at home (one on each level) these should be checked monthly. 

We then went outside to the smoke tent, where we were taught how to safely get out of a room if it were to fill with smoke. 

We learnt lots of important information this afternoon and it would definitely be useful for us to talk about this some more at home. The firemen also told us to take a look on to find out further information. 




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