Day 2 of Forest Schools !

Date: 25th Sep 2018 @ 6:31pm

Hello again everyone,

I have had another very busy day! At first we leant about a very big word...metacognition. Sounds fancy I know but it was really quite easy, basically metacognition is thinking about our thinking and knowing what we know. In short if you think 'I need a drink' metacognition is understanding why you need a drink. 

Then we got onto the fun stuff. Firstly, we went out into the woods and did an ecology study, looking at what trees, plants, mosses and animals we could find in the woodland. There were lots of different types of trees, we didnt find them all ! As a group we are all very passionate about our planet and understanding how we can help our planet and the animals in it, so we then has a very long conversation about conservation. 

Finally this afternoon, we all donned our gloves and coats and headed over to the shelter building area. We learnt more about knots, this time a timber hitch, eight knot and half hitch. We used these knots to tie a piece of rope between two trees that we could then attach our shelter to. To finish our shelter off we used knives to whittle tent pegs out of twigs we found on the forest floor, these helped us to hold our shelter down.

Tomorrow we are learning about how to use fire safely in a forest setting, I am very excited and I will let you all know how it goes, wish me luck! 

Mrs Phillips.  

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