Family Support Worker

Family Wellbeing Service

Hello Families,

I am Lauren Cockroft, a Family and Community Worker at Visyon, which is a Charity that has been supporting the emotional health of children, young people and their families since 1994.  My role has been commissioned by the Congleton Primary Schools and I will be your local Family Wellbeing Worker.

Families can experience many challenges and my role enables me to work in partnership with families to provide holistic and empowering support.  I can help you overcome whatever challenges you or your children may be facing, to enable you to achieve all that you want to achieve as a family. We can cover anything from the usual growing pains that all families can face, through to specific support around challenging behaviour and exploring additional educational needs.

Any work with myself would be confidential and totally bespoke to your family’s needs. This could be a one-off chat, or a series of 1-1 or whole family sessions. My aim is to support you to feel confident, capable, and prepared for moving forwards.

You may also see me around school as I begin to deliver some workshops – the timetable for which will be sent out very soon. These are open to all and may take place at school, at our Visyon base in Congleton or via video call. These will cover a wide range of topics around challenges a family may face and will provide information, guidance and coping strategies to help improve family wellbeing.

How do I refer?

Referrals can be made by contacting your school directly or via our Open Access sessions as detailed below

Want more information, or a quick chat or have any questions?

Then please book an Open Access session with me, which is a space to talk, offload, get initial tips, guidance, coping strategies and to discuss further support.

Open Access sessions are bookable through the Visyon Initial Contact team on

01260 290 000


Woodcocks' Well CE VA Primary School

Church Street, Mow Cop Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 3NQ