Junior Energy Monitor update March 2018 

Recently, our Junior Energy Monitors, Neaveh and Kacey set the children at Woodcocks' Well a challenge. They began by leading an assembly all about global warming and the effects that it is having upon our planet. They shared with the children some of the ways they can help to stop this from happening, such as turning off lighs to save electricity. 

The children were then asked to design a poster, which could be displayed around the school, appealing to people to save energy. Well, you wouldn't believe how many entries there were. Neaveh and Kacey had the VERY difficult job of choosing a winner from pre-school, KS1 and KS2. As you can see from the photos below, the winners posters were certainly outstanding and very persuasive in helping to preserve energy! 

Keep a look out for these displayed around the school...

Recycling Officers 

Woodcocks' Well Recycling Officers for 2017 - 2018 are Ava and Liam.

Our Recycling Officers play a very important role in our school as they remind children about the importance of throwing litter into the bin, as well as recycling the items that you can.

The Recycling Officers take part in many different activities throughout the year.

Junior Energy Monitors

Woodcocks' Well Junior Energy Monitors this year are Neaveh and Kacey.

The Junior Energy Monitors at Woodcocks’ Well Primary School make up part of the Eco-Warrior team. They help the environment by monitoring how much electricity is used in our school.

They remind people about the ways you can save electricity, for example; turning off lights, turning off whiteboards and turning off computers.

Sometimes competions are run for the children; this helps them to remember the top tips. Junior Energy Monitor responsibilities also include notifying the children and teachers of any new research relating to saving energy.


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