School Donations

Date: 1st Feb 2019 @ 1:24pm

This morning in our Act of Worship we were joined by Nancy Douglas who has kindly donated £1,019.92 to the school. The money was raised over the Christmas period by Nancy and her family who beautifully decorated their house to raise money for the local area. Nancy shared a lot of information about her fantastic fundraising with us this morning and we were amazed to find out that she has been raising money for the local area for 16 years! We also learnt that she very kindly donated to the renovation of the evacuee shelters when the yearly fundraising first began! We are very grateful for the money that we have received and we thank Nancy for choosing our school to be one of the 3 places that have benefitted from the fundraising. We look forward to using our brand new stage which we have been able to purchase thanks to the kindness of donations. A huge thank you from all of the staff and children at Woodcocks' Well.

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